At the Speed of Imagination

The updated Pivot Vault breaks the only remaining gravel cycling speed record worth breaking; the Speed of Imagination. With unrivaled handling, massive tire clearance, and pro-caliber power transfer, your riding is limited only by the number of adventures you dream of. Patent pending ISO FLEX seat post technology is without equal when it comes to all-day, all-terrain pedaling comfort, and our award winning gravel bike frames are uniquely ride tuned for compliance. The Pivot Vault truly covers every mile at the Speed of Imagination.


Rear Travel


Wheel Size



Endless Drop Bar Possibilities

With generous tire clearance thank to dual dropped chainstays, the Vault is a tire change away from being ready for any road and any pursuit. From 25c’s to high volume 650b, set your tire selection free, and tackle anything from primitive gravel to smooth single track to asphalt, and everything in between. While custom tuned carbon layups and the ISO Flex seat post keep the Vault ride experience stable and smooth for hour after hour, Pivot’s legendary power transfer feeds a rider’s need for speed on all surfaces and all drop bar disciplines. Tight 420mm seatstays, an ultra-light race tuned Hollow Core Carbon frame, and progressive new school geometry come together to form a complete thought in the world of modern adventure bicycles.


Boundaryless in the PNW

Boundaries recede aboard the Pivot Vault.  The Columbia river gorge and the terrain on both the Oregon and Washington sides of the river are rich in geographical history.  And rich in opportunity for quintessential gravel exploring.  Hood River, Oregon was home base for our PNW adventure, connecting paved, gravel, and singletrack trails in the shadows of Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Adams, and Mt. Hood.   Though not for the faint of heart, the Boundary Trail – from Council Lake to Mt. St. Helens - nestles into the Cascade Range ripe with opportunity for dropbar radness.


Build Your Vault

We strive to build the best-performing cycling products in the world.

Starting at


Graphics, colors, and specifications are subject to change without prior notification.
KITPro GRX - 700CTeam Force - 700CTeam Force/X01 Wide Range - 700CFrame -
STARTING PRICE$5,299.00 USD$6,699.00 USD$6,999.00 USD$2,699.00 USD
FORKPivot Vault CarbonPivot Vault CarbonPivot Vault CarbonPivot Vault Carbon
HEADSETPivot Precision Sealed Integrated CartridgePivot Precision Sealed Integrated CartridgePivot Precision Sealed Integrated CartridgePivot Precision Sealed Integrated Cartridge
REAR DERShimano GRX 810 11-SpeedSram Force AXS e-Tap 12-SpeedSram X01 Eagle AXS 12-Speed
SHIFTERShimano GRX 810 11-SpeedSram Force AXS eTap 12-SpeedSram Force AXS eTap 12-Speed
BRAKESShimano GRX 810 2-pistonSram Force e-Tap AXS 2-pistonSram Force e-Tap AXS 2-piston
CRANKSETPraxis Zayante Carbon-S 48/32tSram Force 1 DUB 36tSram Force 1 DUB 36t
HANDLEBAREaston EA70 AX Aluminum - 40cm (XS), 42cm (SM), 44cm (MD), 46cm (LG, XL)Easton EC70 AX Carbon - 40cm (XS), 42cm (SM), 44cm (MD), 46cm (LG, XL)Easton EC70 AX Carbon - 40cm (XS), 42cm (SM), 44cm (MD), 46cm (LG, XL)
STEMPhoenix Team 31.8mmPhoenix Team 31.8mmPhoenix Team 31.8mm
SEATPOSTPhoenix Pro ISO Flex CarbonPhoenix Pro ISO Flex CarbonPhoenix Pro ISO Flex Carbon
SADDLEPhoenix WTB Pro VoltPhoenix WTB Team VoltPhoenix WTB Team Volt
CASSETTEShimano Ultegra HG-800 11-34tSram XG-1270 10-36tSram XG-1275 10-52t
WHEELSDT Swiss CR 1600 SPLINE 22mm - 700CReynolds ATRx 23mm Carbon - 700CReynolds ATRx 23mm Carbon - 700C
WHEEL UPGRADESReynolds ATRx 23mm Carbon - 700C
TIRESMaxxis Rambler 700c x 40mm TR Skinwall EXO
Maxxis Rambler 700c x 40mm TR Skinwall EXO
Maxxis Rambler 700c x 40mm TR Skinwall EXO
Maxxis Rambler 700c x 40mm TR Skinwall EXO
Maxxis Rambler 700c x 40mm TR Skinwall EXO
Maxxis Rambler 700c x 40mm TR Skinwall EXO
ROTORShimano XT CenterLock - 160mm
Shimano XT CenterLock - 160mm
Sram Centerline CenterLock - 160mm
Sram Centerline CenterLock - 160mm
Sram Centerline CenterLock - 160mm
Sram Centerline CenterLock - 160mm
CHAINShimano CN-HG600 11-SpeedSram Force Flattop 12-SpeedSram X01 Eagle 12-Speed

Quality Craftsmanship

We strive to build the best-performing cycling products in the world.

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Geometry & Sizing

We strive to build the best-performing cycling products in the world.

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Read the latest on the Vault.

Engineer's Corner

Get everything you need to know about the bikename.

Next-generation cross/gravel/road geometry – works for any surface

Gobs of tire clearance and 1x or 2x drivetrain compatible

Clears sub-compact chainrings, traditional road gearing and 1x systems with clearance for crank arm based power meters

Removable FD mount with integrated cover

Fits up to 700 X 47C and 650b x 2.0” tires

Patent pending ISO FLEX Technology fits 27.2 or 30.9 seatposts and isolates the seatpost from the frame for extraordinary comfort with uncompromising frame stiffness and control

Internal cable routing for all lines including stealth style dropper posts via Pivot’s easy to service and silent Cable Port System

Top tube bag mounts to fuel the longest rides

Hidden fender mounts for a clean, sleek appearance and all weather versatility

Full carbon frame featuring proprietary hollow core internal molding technology for a high stiffness to weight ratio

Optimized layup structure with ideal top tube and stay shaping for comfort and power output on long rides, rough roads and epic adventures

BB386EVO bottom bracket substantially increases torsional rigidity, strength and power transfer, while providing increased rear tire clearance

Frame weight: 998 grams

Available as a complete bike or as a frame/fork/headset

Sizes XS, S, M, L, XL for riders between 5' (152cm) and 6'5" (196cm)

To ensure the best sizing, we recommend that you visit your local Pivot dealer to get a professional fit and refer to our geometry chart to check your measurements. However, we can provide a rough guideline: 

X-Small: 5'0" – 5’4”

Small: 5'4" – 5’8”

Medium: 5'8” – 6’

Large: 6’-6’2”

X-Large: 6'2” – 6’6”

The Vault can accommodate tires up to 700C x 47C and 650b (27.5”) x 2.0”

ISO FLEX is a Pivot designed, Patent Pending system that isolates the seatpost from the frame for extraordinary comfort while maintaining elite level frame stiffness. The lightweight rubber insert comes in two sizes: 27.2mm and 30.9mm allowing the rider to use any seatpost on the market including dropper posts with class-leading comfort. 27.2mm is included with the frame and the 30.9mm size is available for purchase through your local Pivot Cycles dealer. 

The Vault frame can use a 27.2mm or 30.9mm seatposts by simply swapping the ISO FLEX inserts. The Vault comes standard with a 27.2mm ISO FLEX insert but the 30.9mm size can be purchased through any Pivot dealer.

XS - 180mm

S - 248mm

M - 268mm

L - 289mm

XL - 308mm

*Please check seat post measurements carefully before installing the post.

Removing the ISO FLEX insert is a simple process that only takes a few minutes. Start by removing the seatpost and seat collar. Next, using a Shimano Hollowtech II bottom bracket tool (we recommend the genuine Shimano TL-FC32 Bottom Bracket Tool), unscrew the lock ring counter clockwise and remove the lock ring and washer from the frame. Reinstall the seat collar, seatpost, and tighten the collar bolt. Gently rock the saddle back and forth while pulling up until the ISO FLEX insert assembly slides out of the frame. Loosen the collar and remove the insert from the seatpost. To reinstall, lightly grease the outside of the insert and slide it into the frame. Reinstall the washer and lock ring by turning it clockwise by hand until it bottoms out on the insert. Then, using the TL-FC32 Bottom Bracket Tool, snug down the lockring, reinstall the seat collar, insert the seatpost to your desired height and tighten the collar bolt to 5 Nm. For more detailed instructions with photos please see our tech document under the Tech Specs tab. 

The Vault frame uses a proprietary seatpost clamp designed to work with the ISO FLEX system. Standard seat collars will not work. 

Yes, the Vault is designed for stealth internal dropper seatpost routing and works with any 27.2mm or 30.9mm dropper seatpost.

Yes, the Vault will accept all pedal and crank-based power meters and has clearance for crank arm types such as Stages and Shimano.

Yes, the Vault frame is compatible with the suspension gravel forks currently on the market such as the Fox 32 Stepcast AX or Lauf Grit and Grit SL models. Alternatively, we have had excellent results using the Redshift ShockStop suspension stem.

The fork offset on the Vault is 45mm.

The Vault frame features the BB386EVO bottom bracket system (designed by our own Chris Cocalis). This maximum size BB greatly increases torsional rigidity and strength and improves power transfer for a more efficient ride while also providing for more tire clearance to clear the widest rims on the market.

Any 24mm spindle cranks from Shimano or SRAM are fully compatible with the proper 30mm BB conversion. The system is also compatible with Campy and of course 386EVO specific cranks from Rotor and FSA (BB30 specific cranks are not compatible with the 386EVO system)

Any press fit 30 cups can be used with the 386Evo system.

The Vault will accept standard road cranks from all major manufacturers where Q factor measurements are generally standardized.

Pivot uses a 1.5 thread pitch on the rear thru axle.

The Vault features 12x142mm thru axle spacing in the rear and the front hub/wheel spacing is 100mm with a 12mm thru axle.

The Vault is a disc brake only bike and can be used with any road specific hydraulic or mechanical disc brake on the market that is compatible with Shimano’s flat mount standard. There are options in the market to adapt post mount style calipers to work on the flat mount standard.

The Vault will work with 140-160mm rotors on the front and rear.

On the front, Shimano’s flat mount brakes come with a plate that is reversible for either a 140mm or 160mm rotor. No additional brake adapter is required. The rear also uses Shimano’s new direct mount standard. With the new Shimano direct mount rear caliper and a 140mm rear rotor, there is no adaptor required. With the new Shimano direct mount rear caliper and a 160mm rear rotor, the correct adaptor is available from Shimano. For any standard post mount calipers from Shimano, SRAM, TRP, Hayes, etc. you will need the specific adaptor to go from the Shimano direct mount to the post mount standard. Currently, both Shimano, SRAM, and TRP offer these for 160mm rotors and 140mm rotors. The rear mount is 30mm thick and designed to use mounting bolts that are 37mm long with SRAM and 43.2mm long for Shimano flat mount brakes.

The Vault uses a braze-on style front derailleur. Cable routing is bottom pull. 

For the Pivot Vault, we use an integrated style headset. The upper bearing measures 1-1/8" with 45°/45° ACB & has an OD of 41.8mm. The lower bearing measures 1-1/2" with 45°/45° ACB & has an OD of 51.9mm.

The Vault frame weighs just 998 grams and the complete Force build comes in at 17.98lbs. Pivot bicycles are among the lightest available, but the weight is only one of many factors that make a great bicycle. Other aspects such as frame stiffness, strength, durability, and ride quality are just as important as weight to our engineers when designing our Hollow Core Carbon and aluminum frames. Instead of comparing grams online, we suggest you visit your local Pivot dealer and see our attention to detail, smart, high value spec, and class leading features. Bring a scale if you’d like, but take just one demo ride and you’ll feel why Pivot Cycles are the most well-rounded, highest performing bicycles on the market and in many cases, yes, it’s the lightest as well.

The Vault is optimized for all drivetrain types including Shimano Di2. At the bottom of the frame is a large battery port designed to securely hold a Shimano Di2 BT-DN110 internal battery. All wires should be internally routed.