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Phoenix Team Carbon PadLoc Handlebar


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Control, precision and comfort – you can have it all with the Phoenix Carbon Bar. For the ultimate in steering quality, this 35.0mm diameter carbon bar is designed and constructed with a carbon layup that creates stiffness in the center stem-clamp interface area, while optimizing the vibration damping and small bump compliance at the outer ends of the bar. When paired with the Phoenix PadLoc Grip, riders experience the ultimate in handlebar comfort with zero grip slippage and incredible ulnar nerve protection.

Why 35mm?
When it comes to your handlebar, stiffer isn’t always better. For the best ride quality, your handlebar needs to provide both comfort and control, while your stem needs to provide stiffness and precision. The Phoenix Team oversize 35mm cockpit is designed to work as a complete system that maximizes stiffness and control where it benefits the rider most while at the same time, providing the perfect amount of shock absorption and vibration damping for your hands and upper body. Our new Phoenix Enduro/Trail and XC/Trail stems provide the ultimate connection between your bar and fork while our new 35mm carbon bar features our own tuned ride design, providing an ultra-stiff center section for the stem clamp interface.

The Phoenix Component System exceeds the demands of industry leading test protocols, the most brutal series of tests for components available. Going far beyond the demands of basic EN testing, this is a series of six tests for handlebars, stems and seatposts that push any component system to the limit in real world riding simulations:

  • Offset Impact test
  • Climbing Test
  • Cross Country test
  • Hard Climbing test
  • Downhill Test
  • Jump impact test

Stiff through center clamping area for ultimate control

Vibration damping capabilities of smaller diameter handlebars

Lighter than class-leading small and large diameter handlebars

Handlebar, stem and seatpost models surpass six industry leading testing protocols - far beyond the demands of EN testing

35mm diameter

740, 760, 800mm widths with 40mm of cut length on each end (up to 80mm total)

Ergonomically natural sweep and bend for comfort and great hand position

20mm rise, 5º upsweep, 8º sweep

Complete Phoenix Team handlebar, stem, grip system weight as low as 430g