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Phoenix WTB Team High Tail


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Bigger 27.5″ wheels and increased travel in trail, enduro, and downhill, bikes requires additional rear tire to saddle clearance to cycle through the full range of their suspension – the longer the travel, the bigger the wheel, and the smaller the frame, the more challenging this problem becomes.

Chris Cocalis describes this problem when speaking about the design process behind the Pivot Phoenix DH Carbon bike: “It quickly became apparent that we weren’t going to be able to use the geometry we wanted to use with a conventional saddle on our upcoming 27.5” carbon downhill bike. We wanted to maintain the same travel, chainstay length and rider positioning as on our previous 26” bike and this presented an overall clearance challenge with current seat and rail profiles. Something had to give, so we contacted WTB with the idea of a saddle to accommodate the rising popularity of the 27.5” full suspension market.”

Working with Dave Weagle, of dw-link™ fame, and the designers at WTB, we were able to develop the High Tail saddle. The High Tail saddle eliminates tire buzz issues via innovative tail and rail shaping. The end result opens the doors of longer travel and bigger wheels to a wider range of riders, an accomplishment deemed worthy of the Design and Innovation Award from Enduro Magazine.

The Phoenix Team version of this saddle features WTB’s DNA padding, the highest end memory foam material available, durable Ni-Cro rails that are as light as titanium models, and and the Flex Tune shell for even more comfort on the trail. Perfect for everything from trail bikes to downhill race bikes.

Innovative shape eliminates tire buzz on long travel and small frames, feels just like a standard saddle

DNA Padding, WTB's highest quality material

NiCro Tubular Rails – As light as Titanium, with incredible durability and vibration damping

Flex Tune Shell